ABRET Announces MEG Technologist Certification Program

Working with members from the American Clinical MEG Society (ACMEGS), ABRET has released the new MEG Technologist’s Certification Program (CMEG). This program was developed by Dr. Susan Bowyer from ACMEGS, ABRET and instructional designer Maggie Marsh-Nation.

The program consists of 12 online modules created by nationally recognized MEG experts. Candidates take a quiz after each module and after achieving a passing score in all modules. After completing the required number of studies and passing the quizzes, the final step is to take the proctored certification exam at a university testing center near the candidate to earn the credential CMEG.

There are currently two pathways to becoming a MEG Technologist Candidate:

  1. R. EEG T. or R. EP T. credential or
  2. Employment in MEG and have at least an Associate’s Degree (this pathway expires 5/30/2018).

Both pathways require documentation of 50 spontaneous and 25 evoked cases encompassing three or more modalities: AEF, LEF, MEF, SEF, VEF.

The program consists of 4 sections: 

Section I: Pre-Study Preparation

Section II: MEG Instrumentation and Principles

Section III: Performing the Study

Section IV: Post-Study Procedures

 Within those sections are the 12 modules:

Lesson 1: Introduction, ACMEG Guidelines and History of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) by Susan Bowyer, PhD (Course Instructor).

Lesson 2: It's Your MEG Lab: Run It Efficiently by Renee Krebs, R. EEG T.

Lesson 3: Helium Transfer Process by Tony W. Wilson, PhD.

Lesson 4: Neurophysiological Basis and Recording Fundamentals of MEG and EEG by Richard C. Burgess, MD, PhD.

Lesson 5: Basic Assurance of MEG Recording Quality by John C. Mosher, PhD.

Lesson 6: MEG Source Modeling of Evoked Potentials by Tony Wilson, PhD.

Lesson 7: The Assessment of Language Using MEG by Susan Bowyer, PhD.

Lesson 8: Data Acquisition for Elekta / Neuromag System by Shawn Walls, MA.

Lesson 9: Data Acquisition for CTF System by Hisako Fujiwara, R. EEG/EP T., CLTM, RPSGT, PhD Candidate.

Lesson 10: Data Acquisition for 4-D Neuroimaginng / BTI System by Karen Mason, R. EEG T.

Lesson 11: Use of Equivalent Current Dipole (ECD) in Epilepsy Clinical Practice by Anto Bagić, MD, PhD, FACNS.

Lesson 12: Comparison of MEG Source Localization Techniques by Susan Bowyer, PhD.

For more information on eligibility requirements and/or to apply for CMEG Certification, please visit: